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-This is the icon journal of vuitton_playa. I'm elite and all that good stuff and have posting access to teh_shit, geekyicons, goodcelebicons, goodhplotricons, goodmovieicons,goodmusicicons,exquisite_icon iconditional, magnifiqueicons,good_headers prefect_icons, goodfantasicons,buttah_icons, kickass_iconsand takenote_icons along with some others. I am also the proud maintainer/mod over at kickass_icons (all of you should go join)
- I will be focusing on various movies/tv shows that i like...and other stuff.
- All of my icons will be posted here along with some tutorials covering icons and headers.
- If you like my work and would like to friend this journal, please go ahead. :) once i get 50100 friends ill do another icon meme :)
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please also see the FAQ
-Comment if taking
-Credit ALWAYS (either icondesign or vuitton_playa)
-Do Not Hotlink! I can not stress that enough.
I already two photobucket accounts fucked up because people hotlinked.
Please upload to your own server.
-do not Alter unless given permission by me.
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